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    Hello, We are DAZZYS.
    Established 2017 – London.


    Daisy Tsoukala creates luxury designer handbags that are modern, bold and classic with a twist.

    Available for women of all ages, Daisy channels her Greek heritage and International experience, and appreciation of style, into her unique pattern designs.

    The most durable materials; linen, wool, leather and others,  brilliant colours, all are used to bring Daisy’s clean, abstract patterns to life. Premium quality in every aspect of these luxury handbags is paramount. You know you are holding a fashion handbag of the highest quality and style, unique in its own right.

    Designed in London, the authentic, beautifully crafted and natural colours are a chic, timeless piece to add to your wardrobe.

    I have a lot of fun doing what I do. I have a lot of energy doing the work I do. What drives me can best be summed up by passion.  Sometimes that passion is evident, but often it is much more subtle, but no less is there. I am passionate about my designs, passionate about fashion, passionate about delivering quality products that people want to be associated with. This all adds up to my passion.

    I pride myself on the rigour of my research. I understand Fashion, what products are available and where. I follow the latest trends in woman’s fashion and I design my products accordingly. I use my judgement and experience to turn information into fashionable products that are unique.

    Our range of handbags is grown but our style has remained effortlessly sophisticated and classically timeless. And as the years have gone by our passion for quality, hand-crafted and carefully sourced materials has never wavered, because it is something we truly believe in.

    Ordering is easy and every order is backed by our money-back guarantee. And as we supply to you directly, we can offer you the best quality products at a great price.